Millat Awareness Campaign

Muslims in India:

Muslims ummah have inhabited India for last 14 centuries with their distinctive belief and have been practicing sharia. Sometimes they have been the rulers of the state and sometimes they have been deprived of power, because Quran has already stated “Lord of the Kingdom! You give the kingdom to whomsoever You please and strip the kingdom from whomsoever You please.” When we obeyed the commandments of Allah we were given the control of this land and when we transgressed the commands we were ripped off from the political power and were condemned.

Servitude of Europe:

After the decline of Mughal Empire no India ruler proved to be competent enough to encounter the onslaught of British sea pirates disguised as traders and with this began the British Empire. It is really disgraceful that an ummah which controlled the riches of this land and had complete dominance from Afghanistan to Burma and from east to west of India has been on the fringe of educational, economical and other sectors of society which the Sachar committee report has proved that the Muslim ummah are the new Dalits.

Sectarianism and the poison of hatred:

For last two centuries the Hindu communalism has gained momentum lead by Brahmins is continuously adapting new dimensions. The leaders have been changing from time to time but they have succeeded in portraying Muslims as “the enemy”. The non-Muslims intellectuals and politicians are equally responsible as Muslim for the formation of Pakistan state. Leaders like Savarkar, Golvalkar, Sardar Patel and Pandit Nehru have triggered the existence of Pakistan and have balmed Muslims for the same. The historical facts never subside and truth prevails to overpower the falsehood and guide the human society.


The educated Muslim youth is been targeted with the imported rhetoric of terrorism from America & Europe. The investigations done by late Hemant Karkare exposed the evil face of saffron terror and have proved the innocence of hundreds of arrested youth.


Globally ‘Islamophobia’ is the hot topic of discussion and a weapon against the devoted followers of Islam. The common Muslim are harassed and tortures on this basis and the hatred of West against the symbols of Islamic society like Hijab, Minarets of Masjid etc. is evident.

Global Scenario:

In the name of political Islam-orthodox Islam, Shia-Sunni and Arab-non Arab, the western world is creating rift among Muslims and is promoting the rise of Anti-Islam individuals, political parties and governments. The governments of America, France, Denmark, Sweden and our own India are enough to prove this.

The crisis in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan or the Middle east violation of Jerusalem sanctity and bloodshed of Palestinians or sea drowning of Burmese Muslims or the oppression and transgression on Muslim youth by the military rulers or the western cultural and intellectual onslaught on the Muslim dictators or defending monarchy for vested interest, all this clearly indicate that we have failed to identify the friends and foes. The growing influence of Zionist, Christian Crusaders, polytheist and atheists on Arab world in the last five years has highlighted the issue.

Indian scenario:

The effect of global crisis and historical developments have pushed Muslim on the brink of catastrophe, what to eat and drink? How to live? everything is interrogated. There is challenge to protect their faith along with their life and property, the extensive fatalities during riots in the last decade are chilling enough to ponder over. Hindunisation of politics and militarisation of masses unearths the driving force behind mob lynching incidents from Akhlaq to Abkar, which proves that the life of animal is more precious and sacred than the human life. The favourite pastime of contemporary government is to mock Sharia by debating in parliament and questioning the constitutional Muslim Personal Law which guides the personal life of Muslims. The triple talaaq bill, is just one of the case and aim is to target the complete sharia which is in no way acceptable. The daily newspapers are flooded with issues targeting the Muslim sentiments, like, proclaiming all Indians are Hindu or depriving Muslims of sharia or Islam less Bharat till 2021 or Exiling Muslims having more than two children or either recite Vande mataram or leave India. The activities like Saraswati pooja, yoga, surya namaskar and Geeta recitation have become part of academic calendar. The new educational policy has been saffronised and Islamic madrassas are coerced to include secular education in the curriculum.

Babri Masjid:

Babri Masjid was the first victim of Hindu terror when it was demolished on 6th December 1992. The political parties, varied judicial judgements, so called justice loving people also could not bring respite to the case. Babri Masjid has been lonely expressing its agony and awaiting for time to take its revenge. In this matter Muslims have befriended Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab mistaking them as Abu Taalib. The current stance of leaders like Subramanyam Swamy and Indresh Kumar who were once comrades in Babri Masjid and Shah Bano movement are mocking our inability and helplessness as one is accused in saffron terror cases. As the poet says

Yeh sab jinke hain khoon mein haath tar Yahi the maseeha yahi chara gar

Our general attitude:

In the contemporary scenario various Muslim groups are working as per their perception and limitations with a sense of Ummah but are not organised. Sometimes under circumstantial pressure the Milli groups and Milli leadership have maintained silence, but it has demoralised the Muslim masses and the condition of psychological fear is developing or is been developed which deprives them of appropriate action. Hence this psychology of fear has to be eliminated by inculcating the fear of All Mighty Allah as there is no need to be petrified of anyone. This should be our general attitude. Wahdate Islami intends to develop the consciousness that in the contemporary scenario Ummah needs to be smart and alert, well informed and comprehending, attentive and active. This are some of the basic traits we intend to present before ummah.

Millat Awareness Campaign:

The Millat Awareness Campaign which is scheduled from 1st Sept to 10th September, intends to spread awareness about essential qualities, Imaan (Faith), Isteqamat (Persistence/ Steadfastness), Ittehad (Unity).

Imaan (Faith):

Such a faith that makes us aware about the authority, mercy and omnipotence of Allah. Everything that befalls in heaven and earth is with Allah’s will and is the disposition of His mercy. If He (Allah) intends to harm then none can benefit, and if He (Allah) proposes to benefit then none can harm, only such firm belief can recompense honour and glory

Isteqamat (Persistence/ Steadfastness):

In any circumstance we cannot shun Islam nor part ways with Muhammad (ﷺ),

"Mauj e khoon sar se ghuzar jaye na kyun Astana e yaar se uooth jayen kya?"

Our belief demands us to remain steadfast on our creed, conviction and vision, even after all the prosecutions manifest the Islamic ideology through our vision and mission.

Ittehad (Unity):

In practical world nothing can be achieved without firm determination, firm belief and disciplined masses or organised effort. Unity is one such force which cannot be achieved without rising above groupism, sectarianism and organisations. There is no force equivalent to unity. Unity and consensus is not only the need of hour but also an order of Allah that has acquired obligatory status.

“The Millat Awareness Campaign” of Wahdat e Islami scheduled from 1st Sept to 10th September, has given Imaan (Faith), Isteqamat (Persistence/ Steadfastness), Ittehad (Unity) central position and to propagate this its cadres will try to reach door to door of different localities, streets and lanes.

Highlights of Campaign
  • Individual meets
  • Corner meets
  • Friday sermons
  • Sessions with Doctors, Engineers and Advocates
  • Opinions in Newspapers
  • Distribution of Booklets, Folders and Stickers
  • Spreading awareness at grass root level
  • Tea Parties
  • Lectures
  • Sessions with Ulemas & Imams
  • Sessions with dignitaries
  • Messages on Social media
  • Special Issue of Wahdat-e-Jadeed
May Allah help us (Aameen)