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Maulana Ataurrahman Wajdi Saheb (Ameer)

Maulana Ataurrahman Wajdi Saheb (Ameer)


Janab Maulana Ataurrahman Wajdi Saheb, a sober name in Tahreek –e- Islami was born in 1937 in Saharanpur of India’s Uttar Pradesh Province.



His primary education started from Islamiya Primary School, Masauli in UP. Then came back to Saharanpur for further education, which was from Islamiya Inter College. He studied here till 10th Standard. Apart from English, Hindi he separately learn Farsi, Arbi and Urdu adab from other teachers, only age of 15 he became a proficient in it.

Services In the Field of Religion and Moments or Spritiual Motivation


The journey of his noted services in the sphere of religion and moment started from 1965 as member of Jamat e Islami Hind and was there till 2001, during his association in JIH, he was a member in JIH’s Shura and also a member of Majlis e Numaindagan, he also held responsibility of Saharanpur District for a long time.

In 1979


he was part of a delegation of JIH and attend funeral of Maulana Maududi (R.A.) in Pakistan.

In 1986


He was made in charge of Saharanpur’s Babri Masjid Action Committee too, for which he is offering his services till now

In 2001


Tahreek tahaffuz e Shariyat came into existence and Maulana Wajdi Sahab was pronounced as “Nazim e Aala” (Chief in Charge) of this tahreek.

In 2004


He was pronounced Ameer e Jamat of Wahdat e Islami. In 2013 he was designated as a member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board.



He has written numerous books and booklets on religion, political and social subjects. To name a few are as follows.

  • Maulana Maududi Afkaar aur Nazariyat
  • Nuqoosh e Zindah
  • Tareekhi Manzarnama
  • Wandematram Nahi Kahenge
  • Tahzeeb ya Wahshat
  • Tarteeb e Hind ki Kahani

Other than these he is the chief editor of a Monthly Magazine Wahdat Jadeed.

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