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Mohammad Ziauddin Siddiqui

Mohammad Ziauddin Siddiqui (Secratary General)

Mohammad Ziauddin Siddiqui Saheb is the Secretary General of Wahdat e islami, born and raised in Aurangabad, the historical city of Maharashtra State. After completing graduation in Pharmacy had extensively contributed his service in medicine field. His association with the Movement is well known throughout the stretch of four corners of this Nation ever since it was established in the year 1994.

Further he has achieved Master’s degree in Politics & Journalism (Mass Communication) and delivered the responsibility as Chief Editor of Tarjuman e Millath magazine. With his pious knowledge and proficiency he is currently contributing towards organisation mouth piece a Monthly magazine with the title Wahdat Jadeed. Subsequently, time to time he has published several research articles giving thought provoking dimensions to the prevailing social and political issues of the society. He is deeply involved in Social and welfare activities in and around State of Maharashtra concerning Muslim Ummah.

He regularly delivers Jumaa’h speech on the contemporary issues related to Muslim Ummah. Due to his oratorical approach, people across the city are eager to attend his Jumaa’h speech. Currently he is presiding over the Aurangabad (local) Muslim Federation which is an amalgamation of all Muslim Oraganisation from Socio-Religious fields known as Muslim Numainda Council (MNC). He is acting as the guide and counselor for several Islamic institutions and played a vital role in connecting several intellectuals, leaders, scholars from the local level to National stage. A restless and dynamic personality, and a man of action, who travel across the nation with his sound thought and wisdom to achieve the laid down goals of the Islamic Movement as a whole.

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